More Love for Oskia Skincare.

Remember when I praised my love for a face wash here? I stopped using it for several months because I was sampling some other products. Well now I’m back to Oskia and not sure if I’ll ever stop using it again. I have yet to find a product by this brand that I don’t like. I bought the Renaissance Collection Set off their website and I highly recommend purchasing it as a nice way to sample the brand.


All of the products are so luxe and the packaging is gorgeous too.  You can read about the Renaissance Cleansing Gel here, but basically this facial cleansing Gel feels like a dream as you massage it onto your dry skin. After you massage it onto your face and neck, you slowly add a little water to emulsify it and then remove it with a facecloth or muslin cloth. Skin is glowing afterwards and looks a lot healthier.

Oskia Renaissance Mask is an award winning face mask that’s designed to deliver anti-ageing, glow, exfoliation, and a smoother complexion.  This mask is like a dream just like the face wash. It turns color from pink to white while massaging it onto your skin. Make sure it turns white to ensure it works properly. I’ve added this beautiful mask to my skincare routine 1-2 times a week.

Oskia Renaissance Hand Cream comes in the cutest blue and white tube that looks so cute on your vanity or sink. The hand cream is of course a pinkish color and is lovely to massage into your nails and hands before bed time. Another hand cream favorite for the books.

Have any of your tried Oskia yet?

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