Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel.

The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel  is a wonderful luxury cleanser for your face.  It’s a rich gel that comes out of the bottle in a beautiful salmon color. After removing my eye makeup at night, I simply apply two pumps of this gel onto my palms and massage it into the dry skin of my face.  You will notice the salmon colored gel turns into more of a clear oil while doing this.  Next, I add a little bit of water to create a light white foamy texture and remove it with a warm muslin cloth or facecloth and warm water.  After this is done and my face is dry, I follow my normal night time skincare routine which can vary. I don’t necessarily use this gel everyday because the price is a bit steep, but keep it on rotation with Tata’s Nourishing Oil Cleanser.


According to the bottle, these are the directions for use: Massage onto dry skin until melted into an oil.  Add a little water to emulsify and remove with warm water or damp muslin cloth.  Caution: Avoid direct contact with eyes. Rinse with warm water if contact occurs.  So I’d say I use it as instructed.

I really love this cleansing gel and wish it was more accessible to get in the U.S.  It leaves my skin feeling clean, silky, smooth, and calm while being able to remove my makeup. I feel like my skin looks so luminous after using it and I should also mention some of the great perks that are listed on the OSKIA website that I pasted below!


If the details above haven’t convinced you to splurge yet, then just picture yourself indulging in this luxury after a long day of work and how great it will make you feel. I consider my nighttime skincare routine as a way to relax after a long day. I leap for joy on the inside when I see that little pink gel come out of the bottle to wash my face.


Have any of you tried a gel cleanser? Comment below with your favorite ones!

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